Server emulation made easy!

Download the latest release today and start your own server in a few simple steps!

Features of L2J

  • Extensible

    Develop features, improve customs from the community, change the game.

  • Ready to Use

    Set-up a server in a few minutes, ready to play with friends!

  • Fully Customizable

    Gain control of the game-play by customizing the server settings!


Get the latest builds and start a server now!

Getting started guide

Follow this steps to get the server source code.

  • First step

    Get Eclipse, Java JDK, MySQL Server and make an account at GitHub!

    Let's assume you can download and install this apps yourself.

  • Second step

    In Eclipse, Window->Show View->Other...->Git->Git Repositories.

  • Third step

    Now it's required to clone the L2J repository.

  • Fourth step

    Add the following Git URL.

    Later on add the Datapack with URL.

    You can save your GitHub credentials now.

  • Fifth step

    Select the branches you will be using, we have renamed them to be more user friendly.

    Our master is the former beta branch and stable our former trunk.

    For this example, only master will be cloned.

  • Sixth step

    Finishing the repository clone.

    Now you can start working on the code, making changes adding new content.

    Once you are happy with those changes you can commit them to your local repository, so you won't have to worry about erasing them.

Setting up the server

Follow this steps to get the server running.

  • First step

    Either you downloaded the files or compiled them yourself, find a directory where you will be deploying the server.

Developers Of L2J Server

The chosen ones over millions of faithful members of our community to lead the course of "The Project" with their mighty coding skills.