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The Team

Active members of the team.

Zoey76Project Leader
HorridoJohoSr. Core Developer
IvanTotovSr. Datapack Developer

The Team Roles

Project LeaderLead the project, the technological stack, similar to a CTO.
Core Team LeaderLead the development of the core components, similar to a Tech Lead.
Sr. Core DeveloperExperienced core developers.
Jr. Datapack DeveloperCore developers.
Datapack Team LeaderLead the development of the datapack components, similar to a Tech Lead.
Sr. Datapack DeveloperExperienced datapack developers.
Jr. Datapack DeveloperDatapack developers.
InitiateThe most junior team members, similar to a Trainee.
Advanced UserCommunity members with experience and potential to become team members.

Advanced Users

Advanced Users are those community members with experience and potential to become team members.

PandragonAdvanced User
joxitAdvanced User
thorl2Advanced User
JMDAdvanced User
netvirusAdvanced User
d!g0Advanced User
TryskellAdvanced User
LasTravelAdvanced User
Tavo22Advanced User
u3gamesAdvanced User
valanths1990Advanced User
FinalDestinationAdvanced User
Avanael92Advanced User
SacrificeAdvanced User
ShinichiYaoAdvanced User
gustavo87Advanced User

The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is the group of people that has maintained this project alive since 2004. Developers may come and go but the IC will be here.

AikimaniacFormer Datapack Team Leader
DrHouseFormer Core Team Leader
DrLecterFormer Datapack Team Leader
nBdFormer Core Team Leader
Zoey76Project Leader

Fallen Heroes

This is a list of everyone that has hold a position of Initiate or above within the project.

As a small token of gratitude your nickname will be listed here for eternity.

kadarFormer Inner Circle
godsonFormer Inner Circle
yellowperilFormer Inner Circle
JulianFormer Inner Circle
DalrondFormer Inner Circle
luisantonioaFormer Inner Circle
ThePhoenixBirdFormer Inner Circle & Forum Administrator
warraxFormer Core Team Leader
Drakin-KorinFormer Sr. Core Developer
sh1nyFormer Sr. Core Developer
UnleashedFormer Sr. Core Developer
DraxFormer Sr. Core Developer
MtRiXFormer Sr. Core Developer
AdviFormer Sr. Core Developer
mastermind007Former Sr. Core Developer
WoodenFormer Sr. Core Developer
KenMFormer Sr. Core Developer
SamiFormer Sr. Core Developer
gigiikunFormer Sr. Core Developer
AhmedFormer Sr. Core Developer
JIVFormer Sr. Core Developer
GodKratosFormer Sr. Core Developer
DSFormer Sr. Core Developer
janiiiFormer Sr. Core Developer
BiggBossFormer Sr. Core Developer
YesodFormer Sr. Core Developer
UnAfraidFormer Sr. Core Developer
ZealarFormer Sr. Core Developer
poltombFormer Jr. Core Developer
CharusFormer Jr. Core Developer
mrTJOFormer Jr. Core Developer
ForsaikenFormer Jr. Core Developer
ZaKaXFormer Jr. Core Developer
NikFormer Jr. Core Developer
NosBitFormer Jr. Core Developer
SdwFormer Jr. Core Developer
Adry85Former Datapack Team Leader
RolargaFormer Sr. Datapack Developer
NewAgeFormer Sr. Datapack Developer
disKretFormer Sr. Datapack Developer
slyceFormer Sr. Datapack Developer
FulminusFormer Sr. Datapack Developer
HexaFormer Sr. Datapack Developer
MELERIXFormer Sr. Datapack Developer
lionFormer Sr. Datapack Developer
SandroFormer Sr. Datapack Developer
kerberos_20Former Sr. Datapack Developer
BloodshedFormer Sr. Datapack Developer
GnacikFormer Sr. Datapack Developer
ivantotovFormer Sr. Datapack Developer
EnforcerFormer Jr. Datapack Developer
t0rm3nt0rFormer Jr. Datapack Developer
TanFormer Jr. Datapack Developer
malyelfikFormer Jr. Datapack Developer
nonomFormer Jr. Datapack Developer
denserFormer Initiate
St3eTFormer Initiate
VlLightFormer Initiate
BattlecruiserFormer Initiate
ZephyrFormer Initiate
DETHFormer Contributor
DeliciosoFormer Contributor
OverlordQFormer Contributor
zerghaseFormer Contributor

If you see an error or missing information on this listings please reach as on our discord, and we will gladly check it.