[L2j Team] Team Reorganization

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L2j Inner Circle
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[L2j Team] Team Reorganization

Post by DrHouse » Thu May 14, 2009 2:40 pm

CT2.3 support has brought many changes to source code! New client/protocol support, new features but also some old bug fixes both in DP and Core. However, out of code, there have been some other changes that community might not have noticed so easily. We have performed several changes (not hugh ones though) in team structure and basic organization.

In the past, we had these groups:
  • Inner Circle
  • Core and DP developers
  • Core and DP initiates
but now it goes like this:
  • Inner Circle
  • Senior Developers
  • Junior Core Developers - Junior DP Developers
  • L2J initiates
To read the whole information please follow this link

Important information.
Finally, Team and me are glad to announce four new skilly Junior Developers, all of them already well-known within community:

Core: _DS_, shansoft and janiii

Datapack: Sandro
Thus, we have some "free slots" for new people to join l2j team as initiate! Despite there has not been any important change in our policy to whether accept or deny applications (usually is team who makes the offer), I would like to remind an important about initiates: Like Liverpool, Initiates will never walk alone. Actually, we have decided to invest much more efforts to improve initiates->jrdev->dev period (as told in blog) puting a man on charge for this task (currently me). Whole team but specially Initiates leader will take special care of new team members integration, progress and upbringing.

Here is a list with tips, thoughts, "requirements" and desirable skills for people interested in joining us:
  • Positive Attitude and Excellent Manners and Behaviour (in forum/IRC/etc, no "go away n00b", no "you make this mistake", no "forum trolls"...)
  • Intermediate Java/XML/SQL/PYTHON knowledge (for core/dp, which will be evaluated based on Public Contributions)
  • Intermediate Knowledge about Computers/Network/SVN
  • Intermediate Knowledge about our Source Files and Coding Styles.
  • Huge latent Capability to Learn and Develop
  • Being Open-Minded and Creative
  • Be able to stay Active around in Forums/IRC.
  • Excellent Teamwork Skills
  • Experience in other Opensource projects (specially based upon L2J)
  • Experience about Retail Server gaming, if still Active even better.
  • Experience as a L2j Server Administrator
  • Fluent on Reading and Writing in English (omg... dont worry about this, I've passed it!)
  • Be able to do Testing Reports
  • Russian/Korean/Japanesse/Other languages reading/writing skills
  • Autonomy, Responsability and Maturity (no kids)
  • Rather than sending a PM with your application concentrate your efforts in helping someone else
New NcSfot expansion is a very nice scenario for new people to show his work!
I really think everyone can join us now or in a short period. Dont worry about how bad/good you are now, think how fast your skills impove; once inside team, with a positive attitude, you'll learn things much faster than you can imagine! Finally, I'd like to encourage everybody and wish best of lucks.

Leadership and management are not talk and talk, but talk and do

Proud of being a part of this project

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Re: Important info: Team reorganization!

Post by Vapulabe » Thu May 14, 2009 3:34 pm

I see two other places for contributions which could go nearly straighforward to the code but would be very useful : janitors and comment makers.

Janitor would be people hunting for small obvious mistakes (not long ago, I pointed the following

Code: Select all

    double dx = (_boat.getX() - bp.x);   double dy = (_boat.getX() - bp.y);
where the second line had to be

Code: Select all

    double dy = (_boat.getY() - bp.y);
Janitors would send patches to fix such obvious mistakes either to a specific forum or to some L2J-team members which would be able to commit them after a quick check

Comment makers would be responsible to make JavaDoc comments. Their contributions would only consist in comments so it would not require much validation before commiting (but again, they can be members without any SVN Commit privileges).

Both janitors and comment makers would greatly improve L2J with "minor" contributions... Well, they may need a dedicated team member (for patch review and commit)... But people don't need to have great java knowledge to do such contributions (nor to dedicate too much time to the task).

Well, that's only a suggestion, and, well, it don't really require changes in your team organisation... Maybe only creating of 2 forum zones and zero tolerance moderation in these zones.

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Re: [L2j Team] Team Reorganization

Post by theonn » Thu May 14, 2009 10:10 pm

i think the term janitor would only make ppl go away... XD

but hey thats just me...

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Re: [L2j Team] Team Reorganization

Post by Vapulabe » Fri May 15, 2009 5:46 am

"code janitors" is the term used for LK ;-)

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Re: [L2j Team] Team Reorganization

Post by kataras » Sat May 30, 2009 1:11 pm

i have all experience you want... i am from GReece i have my own team i can help you , i have the time to learn more and more every min and developing for helping you .
PM me or send me an e-mail if you want one good Core Developer .

and..nC work all that years...
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Re: [L2j Team] Team Reorganization

Post by ZaKaX » Sat May 30, 2009 3:53 pm

I think you'll have to show them your uber l33t java skills and the time you can spend for this project before being able to even apply for a position in the Jeejee Team.
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L2j Inner Circle
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Re: [L2j Team] Team Reorganization

Post by nBd » Thu Jun 04, 2009 7:51 am

ZaKaX wrote:I think you'll have to show them your uber l33t java skills and the time you can spend for this project before being able to even apply for a position in the Jeejee Team.

Hahahaha :lol: :lol:
<ZaKaX> Ohh nBd, you're so professianal with your analconda.

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