Majesty and Other buffs are not applying

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Majesty and Other buffs are not applying

Post by Rumpelghast »

Hi, I'm using the versions:
Game Server
Login Server
CLI 1.0.7
On Windows 10

The issue is, some buff skills on Phoenyx Knight, like Majesty, are not finishing animation and not applying the buff. I don't understand why.
I tryed many other buffs of other classes (turned on the option to allow buy any class skills) and all of them works fine!

Anyone has an Idea of whats going on ? :think:

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Majesty and Other buffs are not applying

Post by BierBuik »

Yea got almost the same problems! (almost same versions) L2 H5
Like 90% of all skills not working not finishing animation.
Also toggle skills not going on.

Tried too change higher number but did not help
_skillCast2 = ThreadPoolManager.getInstance().scheduleEffect(mut, 0);
_skillCast = ThreadPoolManager.getInstance().scheduleEffect(mut, 0);
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