XP bonus stat on Champion mobs

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XP bonus stat on Champion mobs

Post by Kyboi » Mon Apr 26, 2021 2:58 am


Champion mobs have of course bonus xp according to my configs, but for some reason when I have an XP rune in my inventory and kill a champion mob the rune doesn't work (let's say if my champs give x2 exp, and i have a x2 exp rune the champ should give x4 exp, but it only gives x2)

The code for the exp distribution looks like this

Code: Select all

// Calculate Exp and SP rewards
	if (attacker.getKnownList().knowsObject(this))
			// Calculate the difference of level between this attacker (player or servitor owner) and the L2Attackable
			// mob = 24, atk = 10, diff = -14 (full xp)
			// mob = 24, atk = 28, diff = 4 (some xp)
			// mob = 24, atk = 50, diff = 26 (no xp)
			final int levelDiff = attacker.getLevel() - getLevel();
			final int[] expSp = calculateExpAndSp(levelDiff, damage, totalDamage);
			long exp = expSp[0];
			int sp = expSp[1];
			if (Config.L2JMOD_CHAMPION_ENABLE && isChampion())
			if (Config.L2JMOD_SUPERCHAMPION_ENABLE && isSuperChampion())
			exp *= penalty;
			// Check for an over-hit enabled strike
			L2Character overhitAttacker = getOverhitAttacker();
			if (isOverhit() && (overhitAttacker != null) && (overhitAttacker.getActingPlayer() != null) && (attacker == overhitAttacker.getActingPlayer()))
				exp += calculateOverhitExp(exp);
			// Distribute the Exp and SP between the L2PcInstance and its L2Summon
			if (!attacker.isDead())
				final long addexp = Math.round(attacker.calcStat(Stats.EXPSP_RATE, exp, null, null));
				final int addsp = (int) attacker.calcStat(Stats.EXPSP_RATE, sp, null, null);
				attacker.addExpAndSp(addexp, addsp, useVitalityRate());
				if (addexp > 0)
					attacker.updateVitalityPoints(getVitalityPoints(damage), true, false);
					PcCafePointsManager.getInstance().givePcCafePoint((attacker), addexp);
The problem is that the rune uses a stat, which is "BONUS_EXP", but i can't just add "* Stats.BONUS_EXP" to the "exp *= Config.L2JMOD_CHAMPION_REWARDS_EXP_SP;" line because i get "the * operator is undefined for the argument type(s) float, Stats" in return

I don't really know about java so i can't figure out a way to fix this, i searched for the error on internet but i didn't get how to fix it because they explained it in a way that surpasses my java knowledge

What can I do to get the results i want?

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Re: XP bonus stat on Champion mobs

Post by Loup_Solitaire » Tue Apr 27, 2021 3:00 pm

This code come from an old l2j build

btw SuperChampion doesn't exit in L2J
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