2 Critical Instance BUGs (Zaken Frintezza Freya Tiat...)

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2 Critical Instance BUGs (Zaken Frintezza Freya Tiat...)

Post by ShinichiYao » Wed Feb 19, 2020 8:36 am

1. Player can enter Instance with no reenter time limit

For example: 9 characters enter the instance and killed the Boss, before the instance end they just need kick one member out the party and leave him in the instance, others go out the instance and add one new member to the party then give the the party leader to him, let the new member enter the instance again, the instance will be regenerate with no reenter time limit.
Because AbstractInstance.java missing check if Party or CommandChannel members already enter the instance with same id when firstEntrance is true.

2. Instance AI Failure

Players enter the instance, logout and login again. After that, ALL AI will not work on them. This time no animations no on screen messages.
Which also means they can easily defeat Boss with no AI no skills and no minions help.

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