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skill modified

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skill modified

Post by Dikotsu » Mon Aug 10, 2015 3:20 pm

first for all, sorry about my english. And hello.

i search for all topic my problem but i dont found it.

well i tell you,my problem is with the skill of kamael apetite of destruction and the other buff of judicator.

i try to make the all buff can use at the same time. i explain i try to use apetite of drestuction, vampiric impulse, magic impulse, protection of instic.

but when i use appetite for destruction, and then vampiric impulse, vampiric impulse remove the appetite for destruction. the same pass with magic impulse and protection of instinc.

now, i want to use the same all time like a buff, but i don´t know what type o structure of the skill i need to change.

if you can help me i´ll very thankfull.

PD: my version of svn and datapac are the last stable version of the page.

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Re: skill modified

Post by Salamon » Sun Aug 16, 2015 4:11 pm

in datapack/stats/skills, for all of that buffs mentioned, you got something called "abnormaltype"

Code: Select all

<skill id="1476" levels="3" name="Appetite for Destruction" enchantGroup1="1" enchantGroup2="1" enchantGroup3="1">
<--- removed a bunch of code to make it smaller-->
		<set name="abnormalLvl" val="1" />
		<set name="abnormalTime" val="15" />
		<set name="abnormalType" val="INSTINCT" />
		<set name="affectRange" val="600" />
		<set name="effectPoint" val="#effectPoints" />
		<set name="hitTime" val="2500" />
		<set name="icon" val="icon.skill1476" />
			<effect name="Buff">
				<mul stat="pAtk" val="#amount" />
				<mul stat="rCrit" val="#rCrit" />
				<mul stat="cAtk" val="#amount" />
<set name="abnormalType" val="INSTINCT" />
if two buffs have the same name in abnormaltype, they will not stack, meaning they will replace eachother, if you want them not to, you need to change it to something else, for example instinct1/instinct2 etc.
do NOT remove it completely

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Re: skill modified

Post by Willischez » Thu Feb 27, 2020 8:37 am

Skill modification is important for bring improvement. If don't you want to improve your skills means you never go with society, These type of people are mostly include in side of edubirdie reviews. These things were depend on you where you have to modify your skills or not.

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