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[Forum] Read this before posting BE WARNED!

Posted: Fri Apr 24, 2009 2:45 am
by ThePhoenixBird
READ the subforum description before posting on ANY subforum

Posts on Contributions subforums that aren't code contributions will be DELETED without mercy and if the poster repeats the same post on another/same wrong forum will receive a WARNING from the Moderators, to put it simple: 3 Warnings = 1 Month Ban

In the old forum we had a Newbie User area with limited privileges for all the newly registered users, that was in order to avoid this "newbie mistakes", on this new forum we have removed that prohibition to be more open and accesible for everyone that access it and get the users involved on the project instead of been restricted.

Moderation on this forum will be applied without mercy, so be warned.

"Sorry i don't read for my english" isn't an excuse.

Re: [Forum] Read this before posting BE WARNED!

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2009 7:39 am
by ThePhoenixBird
Just to remind you all.

Discussion Forum is not the same than Support Forum

If you have ideas, thoughts, or just wanna chat about the development of the code, then use the Discussion Forum.

If you need help, dont know how to do something, your server broke or shown an strange error and you actually NEED HELP or just want to ASK ABOUT SOMETHING then go to the Support Forum.

This goes for both Server Discussion and Datapack Discussion Forums.

Please read the forum descriptions before posting, if your post is moved/deleted/edited/violated there is a 95% chance that its because you havent read the Forum Rules and if you havent, then do it!, it just take 5 minutes to a normal human, fast reading people can do it in 2 minutes, retards could take years to do so.

Please try to keep the forum organized and post in the correct place, doing this you keep our forum clean, its faster to search for posts, and you will get answers to your problems more fast, and of course it will save you some BANS and WARNINGS if you keep messing it.

Re: [Forum] Read this before posting BE WARNED!

Posted: Sat Jun 19, 2010 6:20 am
by ThePhoenixBird
Another Reminder


Custom Server MODs is ONLY to post YOUR Modifications Patches, if you post anything else that doesnt contain a contribution/code/patch your post will be removed/deleted/destroyed, if you need HELP with a Custom MOD then go the topic of that MOD and ask there, if you are are looking for a Custom MOD that doesnt exist yet, then go to Custom Feature Requests and ask there.

Custom Feature Requests forums ARE NOT SUPPORT FORUMS, so please do not "request support" there, if you need help with a MOD then go to the topic where that MOD is posted, if you are looking for help with a MOD that isnt posted on L2j Forums then go to the forum where its located. If you are looking for help to create/finish a NEW MOD that doesnt exist yet then post your ideas for that feature and wait patiently for someone else to reply, but do not duplicate or bump your post.