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Admin Commands

This guide will give you a quick insight on all available admin commands currently in l2j.

It will be a list that will be sorted according to file(so dev's can backtrack command easily).

Quick note: paramaters will be formatted the following : <required parameter> and [optional parameter].
Quick note: all admin commands don't contain capital letters and the internal admin commands name : admin_<ingame admin command name> so //admin is admin_admin inside l2j server code.


Opens up the admin menu page referenced with the [pageid](if no [pageid] is given main page will be shown).
Page id's:

  1. Opens main menu.
  2. Opens the 'game' menu.
  3. Opens the 'effects' menu.
  4. Opens the server management menu.
  5. Opens the server mod management menu.
  6. Opens the Char management menu.
  7. Opens the basic gm functionality menu.
  8. Opens the 'old' menu page.

Will register you on the gm list. (/gmlist is the list where you will show up)

Removes you from the gm list.

Switches your silence mode(aka message refusal mode).

Saves the current olympiad competition settings and all the noblesse data directly to the database.

ends the current olympiad period immediately and calculates and sets the new hero's and start the 1 day olympiad validation period.(BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THIS COMMAND)

//manualhero or //sethero
temporary gives your target hero status until he logsout(OR removes it temporary when the target is already hero ALSO if no valid target is selected it will be used on oneself)

//diet <mode>
sets the current diet mode to <mode> ( on = enabled , off = disabled )

//tradeoff <mode>
sets the current trade refusal mode to <mode> ( on = enabled , off = disabled )

//reload <Reload part>
reloads certain parts of the l2j server.
List of possible <Reload part> 's:

  1. multisell Reloads all multisell files.
  2. teleport Reloads all the teleport locations.
  3. skill Reloads all the skills. (ONLE RELOADS INFO FROM XML'S THIS DOESN'T CONSERN enchantroute TABLES FOR INSTANCE )
  5. htm Reloads all the html files.
  6. item Reloads all the config variables.
  7. instancemanager Reloads the auction manager and it's related data.
  8. npcwalkers Reloads the npcwalkerroutestable data.
  9. access Reloads the access rights table.(the effects on a char take affect after relogging)
  10. quests Reloads all the quests (WARNING: FUNCTIONING OF THIS RELOAD IS NOT GUARANTEED).

//setconfig <config variable name> <new value>
changes config variables on the fly, see line 250 for all the variables that can be changed on the fly.

//set <config variable name>=<new value>
same as setconfig except the difference in layout for input(usefull when <new value> contains spaces)


Shows a list of all the announcements in an html window.

Reloads the announcements from the announcements.txt

//announce_menu <announce text>
announces text <announce text>.

announces the current announcements to all online players.

//add_announcements <text>
adds the <text> at the bottom of current announcements list.

//del_announcements <ann number>
deletes the announcements with nummer <ann number>

//announce <text> announces <text>.

lists the all the auto announcements.

Reloas the auto announcements.

//add_autoann <init_time> <delay> <amount> <text>
adds an autoannouncement with initial delay of <init_time> miliseconds and <delay> miliseconds between repeats and repeats <amount> times and with <text> text.

//del_autoann <id>
deletes the auto announcement with id <id>.


list all the ban commands.

//ban_acc [account_name]
bans [account_name] else tries to ban the currents target account.

//ban_char [char_name]
bans [char_name] if specified else will try to ban current target.

//ban_chat [char_name] [penalty_minutes]
bans [char_name] for [penalty_minutes] minutes (if no minutes defined chatban will be infinite)(if no name defined target will be chatbanned infinite).

//unbat_chat <char_name>
un chatban <char_name> else tries to un chatban the target.

shows a list of all unban commands.

//unban_acc <account_name>
tries to unban account <account_name>.

//unban_char <char_name>
tries to unban char <char_name>.

//jail <char_name> [penalty_minutes]
jails character <char_name> for [penalty_minutes] minutes (or infinite)(or target).

//unjail <charname>
unjails <charname> or else target.

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