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This is the L2j Wiki Community Portal. This site should provide an general overview about the different topics in this wiki.

Until today we have 2024 users who have created 26 articles about L2j/L2jdp and related topics.

Setting up a server

Upgrading your Server

How To's



External Links

Necassary to run L2JServer (JDK to compile source code).
MySQL Community Server - database server.
MySQL Workbench - a GUI tool to manage/administer MySQL Server.
A tool for Windows OS to create/edit/update/compile java source code.
A plugin for Eclipse that enables support for Subversion.
A Subversion client (needed for Eclipse).
Note: L2J does not use SVN 1.8 yet, so you must use SlikSVN 1.7.9, otherwise you will have trouble compiling L2J code since it uses SVN command line to do some stuff.

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