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L2J Configurator for T2.1

Posted: Sun May 04, 2014 5:18 pm
by Lanamer
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I run a T2.1 gracia server, made with eclipse from the SVN links I found.
I found this L2J Configurator in newer revisions, like T2.4, but I can't make it work for my build. I'm not a programmer so don't have too much experience and/or knowledge in java, but tried everything I found on the forums...
1, I added the com.l2jserver.configurator, i18n, images in java directory of the server files (from the T2.4)
2, added the images and languages in main folder (from the T2.4)
3, added l2jConfig.exe and .sh in dist folder (from the T2.4)
4, added <include name="L2JConfig.exe" />
<include name="" />
to build.xml

so it created L2jConfigurator.exe and .sh too, but it still does not work... simply nothing happens when I click on it.

Then I tried to add this one to the biuld.xml : to create L2jConfigurator.jar, it created the jar, but that doesn't work either....

any idea what should i do? did i missed some other files, or it could not even work with that build?
(perhaps it was totally wrong what i did, but did not have any other ideas.... just tried to mix the the files for configurator with my server files...)