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Re: What is the best IDE for you?

Posted: Sat Dec 09, 2017 5:43 pm
by regenx
Java editors and not only:
Eclipse Luna (working on Java 1.8) (Linux)
Eclipse Helios (working on Java 1.6) (Linux)

My other editors:
Geany for HTML, PHP, SQL, CSS, TXT, everything (Linux)
EditPlus (Windows)

Database clients:
HeidiSQL - Best ever! (Linux via WINE or Windows)

For images:
GIMP :) (Linux)
Photoshop (Linux via WINE or Windows)

Server applications:
Java (for java applications)
MySQL (for databases)
Apache (for web)

Operating systems:
Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (GUI + Adapta Material Design theme)
Windows 10. (not recommended, only for gaming).

Server OS:
Linux Ubuntu latest version LTS (The Best!)
Windows Server 2008 Enterprise or 2012. (NOT recommended! Not stable, laggy as Hell)