L2j™ is an open-source development released free of charge. However, you must read and fully understand the license agreement before you download and use the software.

There are a couple of ways for you to get it. Which one is the best for you, it depends on your skills and needs:

Option 1. Download compiled source code:

The easiest and simplest way to get L2j, it’s to download our builds, they are already compiled and ready to use.

You can find older project entries at Freshmeat and Sourceforge.

This nightlies are, otherwise stated, High Five part 5 version.

Compile time starts at 5:00 GMT+1 and is completed by 5:15 GMT+1.
















Option 2. Stable Subversion Access

L2j source code repository is kept on Subversion (SVN) servers. If you keep in sync with our repositories rather than just downloading nightly builds, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date at any time, quickly revert locally made changes, etc.
In order to check out and work with our SVN repositories, the following tips could be of use for you:

1. You will need a SVN client, like:

2. To checkout from any of our SVN repositores, specify anonymous as username and provide a blank password. (Probably not required anymore.)

3. This is a list of our repositories :

  • L2j Core:
  • L2j Datapack :

After you check out, you may want to read our Installation Guide for further instructions.

Also, be sure to create an account in the L2j Forums, where users and developers meet and help each other ;)

Option 3. Beta Subversion Access

L2j is in continuous heavy development, newest bleeding edge developmental code and testing area where the new code is being developed and tested before going live as stable builds.

If you are interested, you can access the Beta Branch and help with the L2j development!

This is a list of our repositories :

  • L2j Core:
  • L2j Datapack :

Be aware that the unstable branch of L2j is not meant to be used on Live Servers, unstable releases have bugs, errors, crashes, explode, or just burn your house and eat your cookies! But its still fun to try it!

As a final tip, if you need to know more about Subversion, we recommend you reading this great Subversion book.


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