Netbeans for L2j – Getting started tutorial!

Check the latest video with a simple guide to get your Netbeans ready to compile L2J Server!



Video by MakiS  -

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12 Responses to “Netbeans for L2j – Getting started tutorial!”

  1. Thx! We need more good news to feel that project is in progress.

  2. Thx!

  3. Thank you for the video ALOT!

    One question though, by downloading by svn from the link above like in the video, what chronicle support we get? Hi5, Freya or God?
    L2j Core:

    Thanks :D

  4. The trunk is stable High Five.

  5. Thank you !! ;)

  6. I got error when I try to add DataPack to new project
    “file not a valid ant script”

  7. Siulx, I am having the same problem.

    anyone know the solution?

  8. hey Zoey76 i have a question for you i have my server pretty much completed but im having technical difficulties lol with getting it publc i am using l2j high five freya server that i got from here. about 2 yrs ago or so the rev. is 5937 and 9641 from what it is saying on the gameserver.bat when started. but if you could help me with getting it public and online to where people other than myself can join that would be great , ive had my server up for my self for about 2 yrs but imready to get it online hope you can help. thanks

  9. Same as siulx

    File not a valid ant script for the datapack. around the 8min mark.

  10. siulx I actually found the answer. Make sure your subversion is 1.8.5 and make sure your using 32b not x64.

    worked for me.

  11. Super guide to L2j server in NetBeans THX!! Its for me a new :)

  12. May be a silly question after 3 attempts at 3 diff installs 1.7, 1.88 64x. 1.88 32x, I’m using Win 7 x64 wouldn’t it make sense to use the same x on my compy? Should I reinstall all at x32? I’m gonna try it, give you a heads up if it works.

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