Translation system prank!




All of this was a joke – Todo fue una broma – все это была шутка – All dies war ein Scherz

Okay then, this year our migthy bird was far from the nest and we had to handle our little April fools’ prank ourselves.

There was an interesting brain-storm of ideas on what to do and what to avoid, we were limited on forum-side jokes, we are sorry about that.. not.

The idea was to make a harmless Datapack update to play the server admins and if they had some sense of humor they could pass the joke on the players!

This prank will be known as “The Year of the L33t” to honor DrHouse’s idea of using leetspeak to prank users.

Here is a video example of the “Translation system”:


The L2J Team, be social and share the damn joke while you have a laugh too!

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3 Responses to “Translation system prank!”

  1. Nice joke!!

    It’s good to know that the L2J team is still working and with good humor :p

  2. You forgot s/the/teh/

  3. isso fuciona mesmo o e só bobagem em ?

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