New Project: Hello Kitty Online Server Emulator

Over the past seven years L2j Developers have worked wonderfully to create a powerful, stable and fully featured server emulator of a popular korean game known as Lineage 2, but on the verge of the years the hype of this game has fallen down in popularity to the excent that the Developers are now bored of the game and show no interest into working on a already dying game.

All of this was a joke – Todo fue una broma – все это была шутка – All dies war ein Scherz

That is why the L2j Team has decided to deprecate L2j Server software which is now on its state of the art moment and leaving the source code available for everyone on its SVN, please note that no more updates will be added to this repository, other teams may continue with the development in another fork projects.

Now, as you may have noticed the L2j Developers have started a New Project:

Which is now a really popular game and we already count with several thousands of eagerly developers interested into working together with us on this new projwiect, we also invite all the former L2j Community to take part and join us in the new jKitty Server!

Here are some screenshots of what we have done so far, some skills are missing but we have them almost done:

All the instances are working!!

Fishing is also supported with achievements!!

And also a download link for the early ALPHA Build:



Enjoy! <3

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33 Responses to “New Project: Hello Kitty Online Server Emulator”

  1. April 1, 2011

    I gave a lot of laughs with all this
    I can not stop anymore

    I’ll have a heart attack

    that was pretty funny


    Brasil to aqui tambeem


  2. Funny funny. Is one good Game remenber Harver moon

  3. You are so bad persons xd fore one moment i was thinking that its true xd

  4. Another fine April Fools by L2J

  5. For a moment I thought it was real too. I wanted to die. lol very funny good try…

  6. Why do you focus on such shit game ? It is like cartoon. We can have fully working cartoon in the TV. Lineage II is the best !

  7. keep it UP! the best L2j project EVER!!!


  9. LOL…. :) 1st aprils fool…

  10. Hi, this true ? jkitty project ?? or this april Fools ? :P :D

  11. lol…. Wtf…
    I want to leave one of this server online…

  12. in rar decompression pump????????????????????????????????????????

    because they do that? I do not understand


  14. WHAT THE HELL hahahahaha very good!!XD

  15. hahahahahaha xDDD! .. have a nice 1º april fools day :D!

    Btw .. sabeeeen xD! .. a mi me cagaron con esto en otro foro xD!

  16. OMG!!!!!!!!!! I was scared at the moment when the site opened! But when I started thinking I realized that you are making another april fools day. I remember so well of the last one (last year was really scary)
    Very funny !!! Hope you have a nice april fools day and a nice year and lots of good work as you have been doing for so long.

  17. jesus christ when i get on site i thought is a g@y project….guys ….u fool us again… and shame on u hahaha

  18. hahah nice April fool xD

  19. DOWNLOAD jKITTY SERVER v0.1a <<– very nice video!!!!!! to archiv!!! :)

  20. no, it is real!!! now april 2!

  21. When there will be assemblage High Five?

  22. Nice April fool xD

    I like hello kitty ¬¬

  23. I was late, because I didn’t remember the 1 April’s fool day, I was giving thanks for all, etc, etc… omg… I was the most innocent this year I though xDDD just because my head was on other thinkings, I wasn’t ready for this.

    Again I was catched by the April’s fool day.

  24. Ok… you scared the shit outta me for a sec but then I remembered my brother’s prank early in the morning <.<

  25. oh no I was looking foward to a jkitty server!! :( i guess not anymore

  26. Indeed it seems we unveiled an unknown niche for an upcoming (free?) software project to fulfill… =)

  27. XD Nice! let’s find the last client!

  28. When there will be assemblage High Five??

  29. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    FOOLS DAY :S my heart returns


  30. Link Download?

  31. So the real joke is about the jKitty huh… nice

  32. Hmm. I whould love to see a working HKO server :D I love that game *giggles* ( and thats no joke :P )

  33. I decided to come here and have a look at this years April’s Fools prank.
    Haven’t been here for about half a year, but still XD

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