Important news and changes from Hi5 onwards

Hello everybody out there using L2j

After discussing and talking for a while with people from almost every group in the L2j community, we figured out several key changes in the way this project development should continue from now on.

All this time the development have suffered some slowdown and we think that H5 release might be a perfect time to revert and sort some of the issues that caused such delay, and that -we are aware- have diminished developers+community interaction/flow of goods.

At this point team and community should be one and the same, collaborating towards a single ideal of perfecting our beloved free software piece, teh L2j. With the upcoming changes we’re going to reinforce our commitment with this perspective, and we’re counting on you to succeed.

Starting from H5, further development will take place in a public branch, named (surprise) unstable. Initiates and devs should work there at will, with the single premise of taking L2J to the next possible level of perfection and stability. Fine grain details such as naming/coding conventions will be derived from current ones, but may evolve as the group of persons working there see fit. This way all of us will be able to test ideas, contribute and provide consistent feedback, and see the talent of our teammates in action from the very beginning. Trunk will still contain CT2.5 ’till H5 reaches enough stability. At this time a 2.5 branch will be created and trunk will be stable H5. Unstable branch will remain in service for H5 and the upcoming expansions.

Nightlies, that are now fully functional again will be taken from stable/trunk only, and source code exports will be created from time to time for FS/OS reference directories such as freshmeat,, etc. BUT there will be no nightly from unstable. People interested in giving a try to it will have to catch it up on their own. This way we should keep newcomers apart from bugs and stability/installation issues the unstable branch may hold now and then.

In the next couple of days we’ll be informing you about more changes, and the ways you can join the team to make L2J roar again.

Oh, and the diff_view thing should be back one of these days.

Gotta say sorry for the delay too, but better late than never. Hoping to hear from you soon. Sincerely.

The L2J development team.

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40 Responses to “Important news and changes from Hi5 onwards”

  1. I believe that with these changes and use the ideals of others will make the community grow and
    much, today we have many things ready and perfect but have not seen l2j! many l2j projects that should really adjust and put on the server

  2. i love l2jserver.I wait high five.

  3. Cool idea, i love l2jserver ;)

  4. This is good news! thx L2j

  5. Dang too bad I’m learning C# at the moment. All on all the both languages are not so different and there is plenty of information for both SO if you put some kind of “tickets/issue tracker” of whats needs to be done i think it will help the development and this way i can find simple tasks in the beginning to contribute…and the pro developers can do the real stuff that really matters. Optimizing the server, adding new features. This way even the people without programming experience can help if the “New Issue” interface is easy to use. Although i’m happy to see the project is still pumping after all the forking and giving back. Isn’t there a license that actually FORCES you to commit back ? I’ll pay the lawyer taxes if someone infringes it !!! :D

  6. P.S. Trac sux … really :/

  7. Maybe some “Milestone” of tickets done out of total like (10 / 42 tickets have been done)

  8. HI5! Greatz News! (At least to test the new client at this moment)

    “diff_view thing should be back one of these days”

    That is an important tools to read the diff code and make or not an upgrade in a live server XD, but i understand.. so many pseudo l2j distro fork take this diff view to make a copy paste into their proyects which out any back contribution code to here…

    but i allways say.. L2J is THE Proyect!

  9. I l0ve l2jserv3r!

  10. I love L2J !!!

  11. When will be High Five? / Когда будет High Five?

  12. когда Алёна даст!

  13. скомпильте пожалуйста.

  14. wiii diff_view, era muy molesto ver por eclipse diff_view, ahora creo que deben hacer colocar como prioridad hall asediable, raid boss rune asedio, colocar todo lo que falta de interlude, asi de esta forma quedaria mas completo el server, colocar prioridades en lo minimo en funcionalidad que faltan como los hall asediables, esto debe estar si o si, no puede ser que estemos en h5 y no esten los hall asediable, raid boss, que es lo que los player mas exigen del server.

  15. Just get done all H5 skills for chars

    i can handle the rest


  16. e a pergunta que nao quer calar, qual previsao H5 ???????

  17. О! Русские тут. Это радует, но из новости я ни хрена не понял.
    Понятно что скоро будет H5, и девелоперы об этом сообщат, но что они еще там написали я не въехал.

  18. А русские девелоперы есть в команде l2j ?

  19. нет наверно(
    остаётся ждать стейбл.ХФ реализовано пока только поддержка протокола)

  20. Bravoooo……coooolest game that I ever play.

  21. Quick question – We are still on L2 Freya correct? and not on L2 Freya: High Five right? thank you guys for clearing that out for me…

  22. assertion failed in rune town and gludin

  23. 1….2…..3…..4…. rune is so screwed

    Assertion failed: i<=ArrayNum [File:f:\work\ct26_p4\2010_12_22\warfare2110\core\inc\UnTemplate.h] [Line: 405]

  24. Server:4601 Datapack:7966

    GG on last update many problems fixed

    continue like that


  25. снимите фикс каста..должно кастоваться как hellbound ток откат должен независить..а тут каст что 1000 что 10 одинаково кастуется эт неправильно

  26. when h5 dp released?

  27. Hello everybody!
    I want to know, how long does we get some raidboss Tiat, Beleth, Boyer and Freya?
    I’ll waiting for them.
    Love L2J.

    Sorry about my english, it’s a little.

  28. hello , I can help you to do it , i was l2j (unofficial) developer before 3 years almost… now i am back and i want to join here officialy .. ;) if you interest please contact with me , i have 4 years Java experience , 2 of C# and ofc sql …

  29. keep it up guys. At high five to be done for the working community and the rules will :)…

  30. Any eta for h5 files?

  31. congrats again to devs that work this project
    keep up the good work guys and thank you for all this that !!!
    you give ppl opportunities to make something…

  32. alguem teria ai a REV L2 – Goddess Of Destruction ???????

  33. alguem teria ai uma Rev L2 GoD ???

  34. not using l2j long time now but i still enjoy watching how this fork is going on, good job guys keep going, respect to ur work.

  35. Go guys! We <3 your work!

  36. The big question to developers. The command is going to stop on support H5 and to do its best? Or will jump further under versions? Already GoD.
    Интересно другое. В появлении поддержки Н5 я как то и не сомневалась. А вот остановятся ли девы L2J на H5 и начнут ее вылизывать до совершенства наконец то или же продолжат и далее свою политику “наш сервер – всегда поддерживает самую последнюю версию клиента Lineage 2″

  37. Hola gente: queria comentar sobre el skill “SERVITOR SHARE” de los Summoners, en todos los servers en los que yo estube no funciona como deberia.

    Explico: Reemplaza al FInal O Wizard Servitor, del summon.. reconociendo este buf como una profesia mas, sin embargo, no es asi.. la descripcion del skill dice: extend habilidades del Maestro para el Summon.. osea que extiene status del Maestro al Summon, para que quede claro, no quita stat al maestro, solo transfiere porcentajes adicionales al summon. para que los stat esten equilibrados con los sets y armas nuevas de Hi5. y logicamente a las nuevas armas y sets del GoD.

    espero que esto sea tomado en serio por el personal de programacion del pack de l2j.

    desde ya muchas gracias.

  38. Please: Make the server can be compiled by Eclipse.
    Just now, a compilation is impossible. Build.xml an error.
    Please take this into account it is. Thank you!

  39. Rush Impact on Kameal is 2sec reuse on new update?

  40. 日本語しか使えませんが、私のサーバーは現在更新を停止しています。


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