Freya Update #2 has been RELEASED

We are not sorry for making you all wait


Merry F**king X-MAS Edition

L2j Team wish for all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Server: Changeset 4426

Datapack: Changeset 7670

Diff Patch: Send some love to janiii for doing it

Anyway enjoy and discuss here. Over 800 changesets, reworks, addons, bug fixes, etc… Changelog for Update #2 will be posted HERE as soon as someone get sober.

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29 Responses to “Freya Update #2 has been RELEASED”

  1. Horoshaabota guys. Keep it up. You are the best. Another would Hellbound;)

  2. Good job guys. Keep it up. You are the best. Another would Hellbound;)

  3. Thx for your hard work:)

  4. Thank L2J TEAM for 2 release, great job. Happy New Year to you!

  5. Thanks guys.

  6. how to download the compiled server?

  7. Good Job!!!! Thank You L2J!!!!!!
    Happy new Year.

  8. everytime Good Job L2J forever

  9. Update Community Board please

  10. hello and GZ for that great job , can anyone plz help me with community borad? thnx a lot

  11. Thanks alot for the updates. You are the only team who makes real effort to develope this project. You are the original one & you are the best. All the best for L2J bright future. Happy New Year.
    L2J Rocks…

  12. Great Job!
    Is this only for svn or nightly have a update too?

  13. Well done ya’ll have a Happy holiday

  14. The Best!!!

  15. thank you l2j team.

    Happy new year to all developers and serverpack use player!

  16. Nice to hear and well done. Do we have a change log?



  17. Hi!
    When can i downloading the diffs?

  18. Did the tables “etcitem, weapon and armor” removed in this fix. Because I cant find them in my DB anymore after the newest compile update.

  19. good job guys!
    please put a compiled dp and sp

  20. happy new year for you too L2 dev team!. Thank You!!!!!!

    QUOTE how to download the compiled server?

    Using Eclipse download via SVN

  21. Thanx a lot mengs you are the best!!

  22. This files not work in Freya
    i test it .

  23. Thank you l2j. It’s a good job.
    I’m still waiting for Freya boss.

  24. Nice work JS! I like it. When the HF will be ready?)
    We very much look forward to.

  25. TY guys ! on updated freya it works :)
    When do you update the server to High Five ? :)

  26. i cant understand where i download it

  27. Когда уже High five будет?

  28. Project is dead ???

  29. waiting for GOD……. has been waiting……..for so long……

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